Carpinteria's Pilates Studio

Class Descriptions

Private Pilates Session: 

One person is taken through a 55-minute full-body Pilates session based on their personal goals and the needs of their body.  This type of class is recommended for individuals who are new to Pilates, those recovering from injuries, those with back, neck or joint problems, or those who prefer one-on-one instruction.

Group Equipment Classes:

Up to six people of similar skill and ability are taken through a 55-minute full-body Pilates session incorporating strength, flexibility and coordination. This type of class is not for people with injuries or serious back, neck or joint problems. Generally five to ten private sessions and instructor approval is required. Group classes are categorized and listed on the schedule as follows:

  • Reformer class - class is performed on the Reformer.

  • Reformer Combo class -  add variety to your workout with this class in which you will work on different appartus or equipment in the studio (including the Reformer, Springboard, Chair and/or TRX Suspension Trainer) for a full-body workout. Strong knowledge of the Pilates repertoire is required.

  • Reformer & TRX circuit class - a vigorous circuit style class where participants rotate between the Reformer, Springboard, TRX and Chair. This is faster paced class than the Reformer Combo class and requires strong knowledge of the Pilates apparatus repertoire.

  • Cardio Pilates class - a vigorous interval training class performed on the Reformer and other apparatus that incorporates several two minute bursts of cardio work throughout a full-body Pilates workout. Definitely works up a sweat! This class is not on the schedule, but is taught during any group or private equipment class upon request.


Our pricing has recently changed. We now offer more monthly packages to help you commit to a healthier lifestyle and can customize a package to meet your fitness goals. Please call the studio to discuss these options!

Welcome Specials (New Clients Only) 

  • 3 private sessions - $179
  • 2 weeks unlimited group classes - $99


Monthly Packages

Santé Pilates Studio Monthly Packages for group classes provide the most value, allowing you to visit us more frequently to receive the best results for your body. We offer several different packages to fit your goals, needs, desires and commitment. Commit to a healthier lifestyle today! Call 805-220-6800 or email to schedule an appointment to discuss your options and find the best package for you!

Group Class Packages:

  • 1, 2 or unlimited group classes per week
  • 1, 3 and 12 months options
  • Worry free monthly auto-pay
  • As low as $104 per month

Series & Single Class Pricing

For those not ready to commit to a monthly package, class passes are available.

Private Pilates classes:
  • 1 private session:  $75 (2 week expiration)
  • 5 private sessions:  $365 (3 month expiration)
  • 10 private sessions:  $700 (3 month expiration)

Group Pilates classes:

  • 1 group class:  $35 (2 week expiration)
  • 5 group classes:  $165 (3 month expiration)
  • 10 group classes:  $300 (3 month expiration)​