Our Classes

Private and small group reformer classes are offered every day of the week. We have over 20 group class times to choose from each week, including lunchtime, weekends and evenings. Classes are approximately 50-55 minutes long. 

** If you are new to Pilates it is required that you take a series of private sessions before joining group reformer classes. Please contact (email, text or phone) us to schedule your privates sessions. **​

If you have previous Reformer experience and are free of injuries, please feel free to to hit the "Book Now" tab and sign up online.

Studio History

Santé Pilates Studio, named after the French word for "health", opened in Summerland in 2004 and moved to Carpinteria in 2006. The bright, spacious, fully equipped studio is conveniently located on Carpinteria Avenue across from the Alcazar Theater. Our certified instructors are passionate about Pilates and love to help clients feel better and do more with their bodies safely. 

Why Pilates?

Pilates was developed a century ago by a man named Joseph Pilates.  This method of mind-body exercise involves strengthening and stretching muscles of the whole body creating profound results including improved muscle tone without adding bulk, strong abdominal and back muscles, improved posture, flexibility, body awareness, balance, coordination, range of motion, and muscle symmetry.  By strengthening the muscles of your inner core, Pilates can benefit any body.  It can improve your sport or athletic performance, help with rehabilitation after injuries, help prevent future injuries and help decrease back, neck or joint pain.

Pilates is also an education in body awareness that goes beyond a 55 minute Pilates class and moves into your daily life.  When you're sitting in front of a computer, brushing your teeth, or in the case of one of my clients who was standing at the alter - the words you hear in class come home and you stand up taller, pull your shoulders down, your navel in and breathe!​​

Pilates Classes in Carpinteria

Client Raves:

"The best Pilates studio I have ever been to. It is like a large, happy family. The instructors are all different and excellent. All the members are friendly and welcoming." Debi

"Wonderful Studio with talented instructors!" Jennifer

Pilates Pricing

Private Pilates Classes:

1 private session:  Starts at $90 (2 week expiration)
5 private sessions:  Starts at $435 (3 month expiration)
10 private sessions:  Starts at $850 (3 month expiration)

Small Group Pilates Reformer Classes:
1 group class:  $40 (2 week expiration)
5 group classes:  $180 (3 month expiration)
10 group classes:  $325 (3 month expiration)​
20 group classes: $525 (6 month expiration)​