Carpinteria's Pilates Studio has the best Pilates classes!

Client Testimonials

"For the first time in my life I have found a program I can stick with.  I've tried going to Curves, hiring a personal trainer, riding a stationary bicycle, but always ended up falling off the wagon.  I'm now well into my fourth year at Santé Pilates and loving it." Julie


"For years I've done cardio and weight training.  A year ago I was looking for something to supplement this and decided to try Pilates with Cherie.  I am hooked!  I love the way it transformed my body in the way it looks, feels and performs.  I recommend Santé Pilates to everyone!" Jill


"I loved Pilates from my very first class with Cherie in February of 2004 and enjoy the life changing experience of this total body workout weekly.  Cherie has a relaxed style as an instructor and is very knowledgeable and professional.  She helped me unlock my body's potential, and in my fifties I am in better shape than I was in my forties.  I benefited so much and consider my Pilates classes the best medical insurance money can buy!  My posture, breathing, alignment, and coordination improved a lot.  Along with eating well and my weekly Pilates fix I feel stronger, fitter, more flexible, and balanced." Tatiana

"I had never done Pilates on the reformer before but when I got engaged I knew I needed to do something to get in to wedding dress shape, and fast!  I started going to Cherie two days a week and was totally hooked.  She is very knowledgeable and a great instructor!  I am always impressed at how she is able to tailor the classes to each individual's needs and abilities.  There are several people that come that have injuries (back, knee, ankle...) and she is always able to modify the exercises for them so that they still get a great workout.  I never get bored in her classes and I love how strong my core has become!" Karina


"After working out with Cherie, I feel energized and good about my body.  Pilates has improved my strength, flexibility and even endurance." Lisa

"When I started Pilates I was happy to realize that it is a full body workout and I enjoy it more than going to the gym.  Pilates will always be part of my workout routine." Kathy

"When I first started Pilates I had back problems, a lot of pain, and didn't feel like I could exercise at all.  I added Pilates to my treatment plan and really noticed a difference once I started strengthening my abdominal and back muscles.  I have a physical job and now I feel like my muscles are supporting my back in the way they were meant to, and those days of excruciating pain are behind me!" Jim


"Cherie of Santé Pilates is a great teacher. She's professional and is always trying to individualize my workout to fit my needs. The studio is clean, airy and is convenient. I would much rather workout in this beautiful studio than a gym. Pilates has changed my body and I know that it gives me the correct kind of exercise that I will always need to stay healthy. Thank you Cherie!"

"I have been a long time client of Santé Pilates. The owner, Cherie, is the main reason that I keep coming back. She is really great about tailoring my workout to my needs in small classes. Cherie is friendly and personable. She gets to know her clients well and is interested in their lives. She has been very supportive of my goal of strengthening my body, mind and spirit. The studio is lined with big windows so there is lots of light and fresh air. The location is perfect, right on the main street with lots of parking. I feel great after working out at the studio!" Laurie